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“We neede not speak so much of love, al books are ful of love, with so many authours, that it were labour lost to speake of Love.” John Florio, First Fruites, Discourses uppon Musicke, and Love, 1578

About the impact of John Florio’s translation of Montaigne’s Essays on English cultural life, Frances Yates cites T. S. Eliot:

“So important an authority on style as Mr. T.S. Eliot puts the Montaigne above Plutarch and so second only to the Bible. It holds and will always hold an assured place among the English classics.“

L. Tassinari


Links to Shakespeare’s authorship question

Declaration of Reasonable Doubt

Two universities, Oregon's Concordia University and London's Brunel University have established the Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre, focused on the study of the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays:

- Concordia University (Oregon)

- Brunel University (London, U.K.)

Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable

Links to John Florio's works

Dictionary 1611

Translation of Boccaccio's Decameron

Translation of Montaigne's Essais

Wikipedia: John Florio

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The Man Who Was Shakespeare
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October 2013

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